Spaces That Inspire


Our classrooms are warm, spacious and sunny, all with large windows, allowing for natural light and nature to be a part of the space. Each room is thoughtfully designed and arranged for creative exploration, respect for children’s work and new learning. Materials are organized carefully to be easily accessible to the children, while not overwhelming. 


Our newly renovated playground invites a variety of active play. In addition to our sandboxes and climbing equipment, we have a brand new tricycle path, climbing wall, and obstacle course made of natural wood. Our playground provides areas of both sun and shade, and our new safety surfacing allows for children to take risks and practice new gross motor skills safely.

You can check out a video of the entire renovation process by clicking here

rainbow room

Our large, indoor playground is equipped with climbing equipment, tricycles, balls, hollow blocks and a variety of recreational equipment designed to give children the another opportunity to engage in gross motor play. This space is also used for yoga, special events and whole school gatherings.

Parish hall

The Parish Hall serves as our gym for weekly physical education classes. This spacious room allows for just about every form of gross motor play. Our experienced P.E. teachers carefully plan games and experiences designed to help children to meet gross motor and social-emotional learning goals.

ccg bookstore

The Christ Church Bookstore is a vibrant part of the Christ Church community. It possesses the charm that every modern book and gift store aspires to, while also providing a cozy sitting area and a café for our families. Gatherings such as class coffees, parent book groups and workshops take place here. 

ccg campus

The Christ Church parish occupies an impressive ten-acre campus. The beautiful buildings and grounds offer multiple settings in which children can learn and families can gather. Our Harvest Fair and Year End picnic are held outside on the spacious Tomes Higgins lawn.
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