Our practice is based on the CT Early Learning and Developmental Standards, which are guidelines designed to inform teachers and families about common developmental and learning progressions, so that they can work together to better support children’s early learning and growth. The CT ELDS addresses every aspect of a child’s developmental learning including cognition, social and emotional development, physical development, language and literacy, creative arts, mathematics, science and social studies.

Each of these learning areas is on a continuum that children move along as they learn and grow. As an example, on the math continuum, children gradually increase their understanding and complexity for the task of sorting:

Our teachers are experts in identifying where children are in their development, and through play, encourage new learning and growth.


Phys Ed

Students at our school have physical education classes once a week. We have a large indoor gym space and typical gym equipment including parachutes, balls and scooters. Our physical education teachers engage children in games and activities that support increased gross motor skills.


Music classes are held each week for all of our classes. Children sing, dance and play instruments with the guidance of our expert music teachers.


Once a month, an expert from the New Canaan Nature center visits each of our classes. With each visit, they bring in three new animals to share, and give the children the opportunity to ask questions, touch the animals (if they choose) and learn more about these extraordinary visitors.


Classes have yoga two times a month. We believe that it is our responsibility to equip children with the skills that they need to help balance their emotions, regulate their bodies, relieve stress and increase attention. Evidence shows that yoga is a powerful tool for helping kids to build happy, healthy lives.


Several times a year, our school community comes together to collect much-needed items for Neighbor to Neighbor, a nonprofit organization serving residents in need throughout the Greenwich area. Because this organization is located right here on the grounds of Christ Church, the children are able to bring drive items over themselves!