Inspired by the the Reggio Emilia philosophy of education, our play-based curriculum is based on a process of observation and reflection, where children play an active role as co-constructors of their own learning. As children get to know the school environment, the available materials and their peers, a shared context develops, stories unfold and a new curriculum emerges. Through conversations and open-ended questions, teachers take every opportunity to narrate and reflect on children's experiences, develop theories, think about how to navigate social situations together and be partners in developing short and long terms projects and investigations.
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Project Work

Our emergent-based curriculum builds upon children’s natural curiosity and interests. Skilled teachers carefully observe their students at play, responding, extending and guiding towards new learning. When a topic of interest lends itself to further exploration, teachers and students work together to plan out a more robust project of study. Students ask questions, gather resources, conduct fieldwork, document their findings and report on their new discoveries. This "project approach"delivers on important learning goals while deeply engaging children, building motivation for continued questioning, and fostering a life-long love of learning and exploration.


After a reading of The Three Pigs, children in this class started to act out the story. This pretend play and storytelling led to the idea of building houses of straw, sticks and brick. The excitement and curiosity of the children prompted a an even larger inquiry of how real houses are made.
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What started out as open-ended block play led to an in-depth study of bridges. By the end of the study, children were true experts on the subject, teaching others about suspension cables, the mechanics of a draw bridge and why bridges are so necessary in our lives.
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