Again! Again!

It happens all the time. Bathed and in pajamas, your preschooler is ready for a bedtime story. You ask,"What should we read tonight?" and sure enough, they choose the same exact story that you have been reading every night for weeks. You wearily try to convince your child to choose another book from the shelf full of books you have so carefully curated over time, but no. Your child wants that book, and your thought is, "That one again? Seriously?"

Believe it or not, this is actually a good thing! For children, rereading is not just a rewarding experience, but it is essential for getting ready to learn how to read. The book your child asks you to read over and over again offers them comfort and familiarity with the story and the characters. The predictability builds confidence and brings great joy. More, these repeat readings build vocabulary, enhance comprehension, boost phonemic awareness and help your child to understand how narrative works.

So yes, do read Knuffle Bunny again, and again and again. The love affair your child has for their favorite book is launching a lifetime of reading and learning!



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