Our Mission

The purpose of the Board of Trustees of Christ Church Preschool is to set policies for the school and to oversee its management with guidance from the school's accrediting bodies, the National Association of Episcopal Schools and the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood. The Board consists of volunteers and includes current preschool parents and members of Christ Church Greenwich's leadership.

Board of Directors

Vicky Fernandez

Carter Harris
Vice President

Kristen Van Dusen

Juliette Blake

Jennifer Purdy

Marek Zabriskie
Rector, Christ Church Greenwich

Susie McNiff
School Chaplain and CCG Director of Children’s Ministries

Mary Grandville

Nelson Fitts

Meghan Chew

Stephanie Otero

Kristin Reilly

Valerie Burns


What is the purpose of the CC Preschool Board?

The belief that children are endowed with a natural curiosity and a sense of wonder that feed their desire to discover and understand the world. They are competent and active participants in their own learning capable of fully interacting with their environment and collaborating with others.

What is the makeup of the CC Preschool board?

Along with the church Rector, Director of Children & Family Ministries, and preschool Director, the Board is made up of current preschool parents as well as members of Christ Church to reflect a balance of expertise and perspectives needed to achieve the mission of the school.

What is the CC Preschool Board structure?

Officers of the board: President, Vice President,
3 Vestry Members (Including the CCG Rector)
1 Policy Chair
1 Parent Association Liaison
1 Building and Ground Representative
Marketing/PR Representative
1 Head of School
Director of Children & Family Ministries

What is the time commitment when taking on a board role?

Board members are responsible for attending and being prepared for monthly board meetings (Sept- May) and one summer orientation meeting. In addition, there is committee work to drive to fruition the goals set by the Board on an annual basis. Board members will be responsible for leading efforts in the committee workstreams.

How long is a term on the CC Preschool Board?

Board members make a two-year commitment, with the ability to extend to 3 years and serve no more than two consecutive terms on the CCP Board.

Interested in getting involved?

We encourage parents who are interested in serving on our board to submit the Self-Nomination Form below.