Teachers observed children building bridges in the block area.
They encouraged more bridge building with some inspiration.
Teachers tied literacy to the children’s interests.
The children created a bridge and puppets to act out The Three Billy Goats Gruff.
Children’s questions became a road map for a deeper investigation.
Children experimented with different materials to explore what makes bridges strong.
Teachers provided non-fiction materials children used to answer more of their questions.
Children learned that there are many types of bridges.
They talked about what bridges are for and the materials used to make them.
Children collaborated to make models of bridges.
They read a story about when P.T. Barnam walked 21 elephants across the Brooklyn Bridge to prove how strong it was and tried it our for themselves.
They even made bridges with their bodies in yoga class.
The class went on a field trip to see a real bridge and to talk to the engineers.
The children learned that there were plans to build a new bridge and were invited to view it with virtual reality goggles.

To check out the video click here
As a culmination to their study, the class invited their families to come to the classroom.
They shared their work and taught their families all about bridges!
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