Based on the enthusiasm of
the children, the teachers put
out related materials to generate further interest and exploration.
The class chose to make the three houses in order to act out The Three Little Pigs with real props.
Soon after, the children became interested in how houses were built, kicking off a deeper investigation.
Teachers placed props in the dramatic play area to stimulate pretend play around the topic.
They put out related, real world materials for the children to explore.
As the children began to express their thinking, the teachers dictated their words.
They invited a family member of one of the students to teach them about blueprints, and the children made some of their own.
The class decided to build a house, starting with a bedroom. They thought of all the things bedrooms need, and started to build.
The teachers put out plenty of open-ended materials for children to use.
As they built, they made sure everything worked the way it was supposed to.
They added more and more each day.
Lots of problem-solving and collaboration went into building the more difficult parts, like the night table lamp and the closet.
Next, the class decided to build a kitchen.
And added essential features such as the plumbing and the countertops.
They played in the bedroom and used it to read bedtime stories. Sometimes the whole class tucked into one giant blanket for a story.
They played in the kitchen, and built a table to use for snack time.
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