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Arrival and Dismissal

Arrival is a very important time for your child – it helps set the tone for the day and helps to create positive feelings about school. Please remember the following points that will make these transitional times smoother for your child:

As soon as a child is personally handed to a teacher, the school assumes responsibility.
Conversely, as soon as a teacher hands a child to a parent, the parent assumes responsibility.
Children should always be accompanied by an adult before or after school.
All children must walk in with an adult – do not let your child come into the school or classroom alone at anytime.
Please do not leave the classroom without saying goodbye to your child.
Please wait to bring your child into his/her classroom until the designated class start time and please arrive for pick up at the designated times as well.
DO NOT let children run throughout the hallways or into empty rooms before class starts – keep them with you at all times.
Children are only allowed in the classrooms, Rainbow Room, and playground if a teacher is present.
The classroom doors will usually be closed before classes begin and end. This helps both the children and the teachers, as full attention can be given to each child during greetings and good-byes
Arrival and dismissal times are as follows:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00-11:30
Tuesday, Thursday 9:00-11:30
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11:45-1:45
Tuesday, Thursday 11:45-1:45

3’s & 4’s
Arrival 9:00
Dismissal 11:50-12:00

Arrival 9:00
Dismissal 1:50-2:00


Sign In/Sign Out Policy
Parents or caregivers are required to sign their initials next to their child’s name whenever bringing their child to school or picking their child up. These initials will be recorded, with the exact arrival and departure times, in a class attendance book for licensing purposes. These books will be located just inside or outside of your child’s room or by the playground gate (depending on whether your child’s class is outside or inside during arrival and/or dismissal). If a child is not picked up on time, he/she is brought to the office where the parent/caregiver must sign him/her out in the school’s late book.
If your child attends Lunch Bunch or Extended Day, you must either sign your child in or sign him/her out in the appropriate attendance book for that session.

Change in Pick-Up Forms

If someone other than the parent will meet the child upon dismissal, a written note signed by parent must be given to the child’s teachers that day. Forms are conveniently located outside the classroom door. In lieu of the form, a phone call may be made to the Director, giving permission for the child to go home with someone else

Visitor's Pass

Anyone visiting the school, including parents who read, teach a lesson, help out teachers, etc. will be required to report to the office first. After signing in and writing down the arrival time, visitors will wear a VISITOR’S PASS badge while in the building. When they are ready to leave, passes must be returned to the office, where visitors will sign out and write down the departure time.

Parking Lot


NEVER leave a child unattended in your vehicle.
NEVER leave an unattended vehicle running.
Please respect the handicapped parking area and leave it free for those who need it.
Park only in the designated spaces – NO double parking and NO parking in front of the entrance steps.
Please make sure all children are secured in car seats or are wearing seat belts before leaving the parking lot.
Be aware of pedestrian traffic – it is often hard to see small children.
Cell phones should not be used while driving in the parking lot.
If you have any special needs with drop-off or pick-up procedures, please see the Director.


All children are exposed to illness in a school setting. As a parent, it is your responsibility to keep a child home if he/she is not feeling well. If you are ever in doubt as to whether or not to send your child to school, please call the Director before the start of school. Illness spreads quickly in a school setting, so please keep this in mind for the benefit of your child as well as the other children and the teachers. If a child becomes sick at school or is brought to school ill, parents will be contacted to take the child home immediately. If parents are not available, emergency numbers will be contacted to ensure that the sick child’s needs are met. Make sure you have provided us with two local emergency numbers. Please notify the office (203 869-5334) if your child will be absent. Report any communicable disease contracted by your child immediately to the school so that notices may be sent home to other parents in your child’s class.


When he/she has a persistent “green” runny nose.
Conjunctivitis (may return the day after treatment begins)
A fever of 100 degrees or more (may return after he/she has been fever- free for at least 24 hours)
Diarrhea and/or vomitting (may return after he/she has had no symptoms for at least 24 hours)
Strep throat (may return 48 hours after starting antibiotics)
Scabies or ringworm (may return 24 hours after treatment begins)
Coxsackie (hand, foot, and mouth) (may return when well enough to participate in all activities)
Head lice (may return the day after treatment begins, as long as they are nit free. Parents should check for lice after every vacation, including summer, and on a regular basis.)
Any communicable disease (may return after the stage of contagion has passed. Whenever there is evidence of a contagious illness or identified rash, please provide the school with a doctor’s note stating that your child can return to school)
Bronchitis (may return 24 hours after treatment with antibiotics)

Administering Medication


No cough drops, gum, or sucking candies are allowed at school
If a child is well enough to be in school, the child should be well enough to participate in all aspects of school – including outdoor activities.
Staff members are trained in administering medicationonly for the purpose of administering an Epi-pen and pertinent prescription medications (doctor’s and parent’s authorization for these are on file in the office) in emergency situations.
Topical ointments or creams and non-prescription medications are to be applied by parents.

Medical Policy

Requirements for Epi-pen and medication before they can be stored at school:

A completed medical form stating that the child has a severe allergy and requires an Epi-pen. What the child’s allergic to should be clearly stated. All health forms must meet state regulations and be current within 1 (one) year and be signed by the physician.
The form – “Authorization for Administration of Prescription Medication,”must be filled out completely by the physician and the parents.
The doctor who signs the prescription authorization form must be the same one who prescribes the medication.
Make sure the Epi-pen jr. is 0.15 mg. The expiration date must be highlighted and current within the school year.
If Benadryl is to be given, the child’s name must be written on the bottle and there must be a dosage spoon taped to the bottle with the expiration date highlighted on the bottle.
An additional “Authorization for Administration of Prescription Medications” must be filled out by the doctor and the parents for Benadryl.
All medication must be in the original containers. Epi-pen must have the original prescription label with the child’s name, pharmacy name and prescription number on the box.
All medication must be picked up the last day the child is enrolled. Medication left one week past that day will be disposed of.
Children who have an Epi-pen Jr. and/or Benadryl on site for allergies must provide their own daily snack, unless a parent signs a waiver in the office stating the child has no allergies to the school snack ingredients.
The parents must fill out an “Emergency Health Care Plan”, so it can be posted in the classroom.
Any changes to the Emergency Card should be reported to the office.
A protocol plan for administering medication must be written up by the prescribing doctor.
Dana Sanchez, RN is our Nurse Care Consultant at Christ Church Nursery School. Our teachers are trained in the use of an Epi-pen and medication administration as well as First Aid and CPR.

Birthdays and Snacks/Lunches

The school provides daily snacks, except for allergic children who must provide their own. Parents are welcome to send in a special snack to celebrate their child’s birthday in school. Please be sure to notify the teachers in advance when you would like to celebrate. We like to keep celebrations simple. Please make sure that you sign the calendar outside your child’s classroom if you would like to provide snack. If you have a child with special dietary/medical needs, be sure to discuss this with the teachers and the Director.Please do not pass out party invitations at school even if all classmates are included. Class lists and addresses are provided for this purpose.
If you decide to enroll your 3 or 4 year old in a program that requires him/her to pack a lunch, please send a ready made lunch. Teachers who supervise lunches cannot leave the group to heat up children’s lunches. It is recommended that a small insulated thermos be purchased that keeps hot food at the proper temperature and easily fits into a child’s lunch box.

Nut Allergies

We are a nut aware school. Please check with your child’s teacher before making and bringing in any snacks. Please check labels to make sure food is not made in a facility that makes nut products. We have children who have severe food allergies and cannot eat certain foods or even certain ingredients!
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